Week of 12.25.2000

Sakuya KumashiroName: Sakuya Kumashiro
Series: Tenchi in Tokyo
Age: 17
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Student
Equipment: School Stuff (?)
Allies: Tenchi Masaki, Ryoko, Ayeka Jurai, Sasami Jurai, Washu Hakubi, Mihoshi Kuramitsu, Kiyone Makibi, Katsuhiko Masaki, Nobuyuki Masaki, Ryo-ohki, Yugi
Enemies: Ryoko, Ayeka Jurai, Yugi

There's something different about this Tenchi girl. She is the new girl in school and Tenchi is the new guy in school. This doesn't seem too odd? Well, let's just say that Tenchi falls for her the second he sees her. Sakuya Kumashiro is the first girl to capture Tenchi's affection. For all the time that Tenchi has been surrounded by women like Ayeka & Ryoko literally throwing themselves upon him, he hasn't had serious emotions until meeting Sakuya. But what is it to her that makes her so different?

Sakuya KumashiroSakuya, is very soft spoken, unlike Ryoko and Ayeka who constantly compete for Tenchi. She seems to be level headed, intelligent and popular at the school. However, her background is a mystery, a mystery even for her. The story of Tenchi in Tokyo isn't just about Tenchi moving away from his family, it's about how the inner workings of the Masaki family and the girls functions. They depended upon his presence.

Sakuya seems to put the bonds of Tenchi's family to it's ultimate test. When she entered his life as a friend, a love interest and his girlfriend, the ties between him and the women slowly deteriorates. Ryoko and Ayeka feel threatened by Sakuya and fear what all the possible things that could be going on between the two high schoolers. But, like all other families, they manage to pull through. The first step taken is Ryoko's understanding of Tenchi's wishes and being able to trust him. When Ryoko agrees to step back, Ayeka soon follows.

Tenchi, Sakuya & the rest Sakuya's appearance seems to have come at precisely the same time as a few other players in this story. Not one but two warriors both fight over the forest near the Masaki residence while a girl named Yugi nearly destroys the women and another girl named Yugi re-enters Sasami's life. But the family finds strength, once again guided by the spear head of Tenchi Masaki. The family's success seems to also be corrolated with the friendship of Sakuya and Tenchi.

Tenchi & Sakuya Although I don't care for the Tenchi in Tokyo story. In fact, there is much to be desired for in this series. I do like Sakuya Kumashiro's character and importance in the story. I don't wish to leave any hints as to who Sakuya is, that is a crucial part to understanding the story. Her character is strong and her looks are kawaii! ^_^