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Wild Wild West

Reviewed By: RyoKazama534

If there was ever a movie that the critics were dissappointed by, this has got to be it. Roger Ebert hated it, the local radio station Xtreme Radio hated it as did many other critics. I went to this movie because I didn't really have anything else to do. Going into the movie not expecting much is probably the best way to go in. But with this attitude, the movie is a lot more enjoyable, instead of viewing it as a piece of crap, it turns into something better than crap.

Now who hasn't been a Will Smith fan since he hit it big with Independence Day? Will Smith is definitly a good touch to the action genre. Throw in his traditional stand up jokes and you have a multi-talented actor. But I doubted even he could save this one from failure. The movie had way too many lame jokes and lines complete with stupid slapstick and science fiction like inventions. This was the low point of the movie. Too many corny lines like "Air Gordon" and a reference to RCA Victor.

But the combined antics of James West (Smith) and Artemis Gordon (Kline) was enough to keep my attention. Both characters had a constant ego battle with each other in order to gain the respect of President Ulysses Grant (Kline). The constant clash of West's shoot up the enemies and Gordon's creative inventions was what moved the movie along. Possibly the most memerable scene was the conversation between Gordon and West about Gordon's fake breasts and how they didn't feel real. You'll have to see it to understand.

Now the enemy, Dr. Loveless (Branaugh), is a legless torso on wheels. His constant references to West being black isn't funny but it triggers West's combacks towards cripples. Hayek adds just your typical pretty face in a movie filled with testosterone pumped guys.

Besides the uneeded lame jokes, references and nudity, Wild Wild West wasn't half bad. It was just above crap. You just gotta have the attitude.

Scores for Wild Wild West

RyoKazama534 -- -- "You gotta think it's going to suck."
JenT99 -- -- "That wasn't bad."
JJacobs -- -- "CLOTHES!"