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The Wrong Guy

Reviewed By: Slacker711

Hollywood is filled with it's hundreds and thousands of great films. It seems that every great film needs to come out of Hollywood. Star Wars, Citizen Kane, Jurrassic Park and Shakespeare in Love were all born in the backlots of the district of Los Angeles known as Tinsel Town. How surprising that a film from Canada would not be the equivalent of a Hollywood film. In fact, The Wrong Guy, was a great break from the constant push of well made films, for this film, was not.

Dave Foley, the comedian from cult tv favorites like The Kids in the Hall and News Radio, stars in the cheesiest rip-off of any crime/dective story. He plays Nelson Hibbert, a corporate executive who is the person to walk into the room following the planned assassination of his boss. He pulls the knife out of the head and runs around crazily with blood all over his suit. Hibbert thinks that the police are after him to arrest him for the murder of his boss. But the police watched the surveilience camera footage and witnessed the real killer exit the room via ventalation shaft.

Detective Arlen -- "Yup, we're dealing with a real professional here. I saw him pull himself into an air duct."

The catch of the movie is that wherever Hibbert goes, the killer goes too. The killer believes that Hibbert is a professional assassin trained to follow him to make him confess up to the crime he did. Thus he starts to trail Hibbert on his way to the Mexican border. Hibbert, who seeks sanctuary in Mexico, thinks that the cops are after him because where ever he goes the cops follow. They are actually following the killer, whom through Hibbert's blind luck, is always around.

Police Officer -- "He did this flippy thing with both guns firing on to one of our squad cars. He jumped into one afterwards. Four of our officers were injured."
Detective Arlen -- "Yeah, he's a real pro. I saw him pull himself into a air duct."

Eventually, Hibbert winds up in a small town where he meets Lynn, a pretty woman who suffers from narcolepsy. He helps out her family, but eventually the killer takes them to the final stake down. The outcome is for you to find out, should you ever find a copy of this movie. The thing about this film is that it is only on release in Canada, and is not mainstream. Being able to find a copy in America should be a task, even Amazon.com doesn't have a single cassette for this hilarious classic. Lame movies are terrible by definition, but only when they're not trying to be lame. For example, the stupid fishing comedy Gone Fishin' starring Joe Peschi and Danny Glover. This movie was lame, but it was intentionally so. That's what made the film so great. I was fortunate enough to be able to see this movie in the Hawaii International Film Festival. If you ever find a copy of it, let me know. It's that good.

Scores for the Wrong Guy

Slacker711 -- -- "Ha! Take that McCullough! Try analyzing this film!"
Ravnos -- -- "How'd you get the Barenaked Ladies to play in the movie?"
Thorazine11 -- -- "That was fricking hilarious!"
Grey_Wulfe -- -- "I'm glad I saw that."


Nelson Hibbert -- Dave Foley
Lynn Holden -- Jennifer Tilly
Detective Arlen -- David Anthony Higgins
The Killer -- Colm Feore
Ken Daly -- Dan Redican
Police Officers 1-5 -- The Barenaked Ladies


Director -- David Steinbery Sr.
Writers -- Dave Foley, David Anthony Higgins & Jay Kogen
Jon Slan -- Producer
"Gangster Girl" -- The Barenaked Ladies