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Reviewed by: Slacker711

For any film, the first required element is to be able to suspend the imagination of the audience. To make that imagination work and believe the epic on the screen. For the film, U-571 they did just that, depending purely on human anxiety to get an intense feeling surge throughout the house. By making a fictional movie based on true events of World War II.

In U-571, a US Navy S-Class submarine crew is sent to retrieve a German communication encryption device, code-named, Enigma. The premise is that, while transport prisoners and the Enigma from German U-Boat U-571 to the US submarine S-33, the S-33 is destroyed save the S-33 Executive Officer, the crew chief, a Navy Intelligence officer and a half dozen technicians including a mechanic, a cook and a radio operator. They are stuck in enemy waters, with less than a third of the original crew, with a mission critical object in their possession and they're only means of escape is the heavily damaged U-Boat U-571. Quite a predicament huh?

Adding to the suspense of the film are various sub-plots. Lt. Tyler's leap from submarine XO to Captain, a seaman's steps to overcome the fear of his German background and the crew's gain of trust in Lt. Tyler.

This film had a combination of the situation fromHunt for Red October and the underwater suspense of Das Boot. When U-571 is forced to travel beneath depth charges, there is an element of fearing the unknown assailiant from above. And how much can this ship take?

Overall, it is intense. It's the stuff that makes seamen into soldiers and soldiers into leaders. A suspensful movie that keeps you wondering, what will happen next. Step to step, it never slows down.

Scores for U-571

Slacker711 -- -- "Wow...that was seriously impressive..."
Sport00 -- -- "That was sooooo intense."
Numa-Tech -- -- "That was a damn good movie."
BabyFirez -- -- "Dude! They're some hot guys in the Navy!"


Lt. Andrew Tyler - Matthew McConaughey
Captain Dahlgren - Bill Paxton
Chief Klough - Harvey Keitel
Lt. Pete Emmett - Jon Bon Jovi
Lt. Hirsch - Jake Weber
Mazzola - Erik Palladino
Larson - Matthew Settle
Wentz - Jack Noseworthy
Tank - Dave Power
Eddie - Terrence Carson
Trigger - Tom Guiry
Rabbit - Will Estes
Griggs -Derk Cheetwood
Marine Major Coonan - David Keith


Director - Jonathan Mostow
Story - Jonathan Mostow
Screenplay - Jonathan Mostow
Screenplay - Sam Montgomery
Screenplay - David Ayer
Producer - Dino De Laurentiis
Producer - Martha Schmacher
Executive Producer - Hal Lieberman
Line Producer - Lucio Trentini