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The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector

Reviewed By: Slacker711

Murder mysteries have taken a turn. Gone are the days where mysteries were a dime a dozen. Hollywood moved into the genre of action. The Bone Collector brought back the creativity of a good mystery thriller. Like all mysteries, it encompassed twists, clues and questions. It definitly brought back something that had been missing.

Denzel Washington stars as Lincoln Rhyme, a NYPD forensics officer crippled in the line of duty due to a falling stone. He is called up to investigate a series of bizzare disappearances followed by a murder of a wealthy business man. Angelina Jolie plays the street cop Amelia Donaghy who discovered the dead man's body along with the strange clues. She is put onto the case as Rhyme gives her instructions on how to proceed with a proper forensic report. Random murders follow one after another, each one gruesome in it's own way. Amelia continues to be sent out despite orders not to from Captain Howard Cheney. Each twisted murder leaves the killer further from Rhyme's grasp as the killer's plan unfolds perfectly.

I mentioned before how gruesome each death was. Well, in comparison to Seven this may be a bit lower on the scale, but none the less, it's still no way to die. The film puts a twist into mysteries combining the old fashioned clue hunting and decipering with modern police forensics.

As far as technical aspects go, this film passes. The actors do a good job at playing their roles. The script was strong and thorough, not losing any consistancy, add a creepy soundtrack and the thriller is complete. This film did what it intended to accomplish and brought to the screen a dead genre. The mystery thriller is back as The Bone Collector digs up the pieces and puts them together.

Scores for The Bone Collector

Slacker711 -- -- "Well done movie, I still don't like creepy movies."
Grey_Wulfe -- -- "That was okay, I wanted to see Fight Club though."
PornKing -- -- "Gruesome...at least it was cheap."


Lincoln Rhyme -- Denzel Washington
Amelia Donaghy -- Angelina Donaghy
Thelma -- Queen Latifah
Captain Howard Cheney -- Michael Rooker
Detective Kenny Solomon -- Mike McGlone
Eddie Ortiz -- Luis Guzman
Richard Thompson -- Leland Orser
Dr. Barry Lehman -- David Benjamin Hickey


Director -- Phillip Noyce
Creator -- Jefferey Deaver
Writer -- Jeremy Iacone
Executive Producer -- Dan Jinks
Executive Producer -- Michael Klawitter