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Notting Hill

Reviewed by: RyoKazama534

Think your typical chick flick with a twist. It had it's moments, but at the same time, there's always something missing. Set in the British town of Notting Hill, this film had a lot to offer given its many pluses. The many pluses it had, besides it's good reviews, were the people who were cast for the leads. Julia Roberts (Anna) is back in yet another one of these films. Her seemingly never ending list of chick flicks goes on for pages including films such as Pretty Woman, My Best Friend's Wedding and Something to Talk About. Hugh Grant (William) (Aaah!!! He's back!), comes back with a great acting job in this film. After suffering a brief downer in his career, it's nice to see a decent actor around for once, and he puts on a great job (did I say that already?).

There was a lot of side characters in this movie Spike, William's roommate, was probably the most rememberable. Full of antics such as eating mayonaise and going outside wearing only briefs to name a few. I think that it was these side characters that detracted from the main plotline, which got confusing too. It was hard enough paying attention to the relationship between William and Anna, but add in a disfunctional sister and a roommate, a best friend married to a synical cripple, a gay store clerk and a customer that wouldn't take a hint and it gets mighty confusing.

These side plots were cute and all, but they took away from the main characters and all too often, attention was being spent to either Spike or Honey or something like that. Overall Notting Hill wasn't bad at all, it just lost a lot of points in the area known as storyline. It was choppy and didn't make sense until later.

Scores for Notting Hill

RyoKazama534 -- -- "Good film, but too much happening at the same time."
JenT99 -- -- "What was all the side things for?"
MacMack -- -- "A good date movie, I wish I had a girlfriend..."