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Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

Reviewed By: KLicK53

Jim Carrey, has been the master of slapstick for the majority of the 90s. Now that it's the year 2000, will this trend continue? Judging from his film of '98, The Truman Show, this question could be tough to answer. The role was a great acting accomplishment but also had the same Carrey personality we're used to.

Andy Kaufman was a comedic legend during the late 70s. Cast in Taxi and Saturday Night Live, he wowed audiences with random song and dance and with his "Lithuanian" accent.

Jim Carrey meets Andy Kaufman, and embodies him. He embodies the life of Andy Kaufman. Hell, he even LOOKS like Andy Kaufman. The everything that Carrey does to be Andy Kaufman, succeeds with flying colors.

If you haven't guessed, Man on the Moon is about *Ta-da* Andy Kaufman. It follows his life from the backroads of stand up comedy to his days on Taxi & SNL right on to his days of "inter-gender wrestling" and Jerry Lawler. The story line has nothing to be said for. It's all true. Andy Kaufman DID exsist and he WAS a great comedian. He did wrestle women and eventually went on a war with Jerry Lawler. He was adored, praised, hated, booed and jeered throughtout his life. Word for word, the movie holds true.

Behind the scenes was something else as well. The crew was able to scrounge up the cast members of Taxi (minus Tony Danza) including Christopher Lloyd and Danny DeVito, Bob Zmuda (Andy Kaufman's Manager), David Letterman and Jerry Lawler.

All in all, this movie is a living tribute to the great Andy Kaufman and the amazing story behind this god of improvisation. Although you start to hate Kaufman, everybody does at one point in their lives.

Scores for Man on the Moon

KLicK53 -- -- "Damn Carrey looks like Kaufman..."
Numa-Tech -- -- "Did he REALLY wrestle women?"



Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton - Jim Carrey
George Shapiro - Danny DeVito
Lynne Margulies - Courtney Love
Club Owner - George Shapiro
Bob Zmuda - Paul Giamatti
Maynard Smith - Vincent Schiavelli
Jerry Lawler - Himself
Stanley Kaufman - Gerry Becker
Janice Kaufman - Leslie Lyles
J. Alan Thomas - Himself
Angry Stagehand - Bob Zmuda

Randall Carver
Jeff Conaway
Budd Friedman
Marilu Henner
Judd Hirsch
Carol Kane
David Letterman
Christopher Lloyd
Lorne Michaels
Paul Shaffer


Director - Milos Forman
Writer - Scott Alexander
Writer - Larry Karaszewski
Executive Producer - George Shapiro
Executive Producer - Michael Hausman
Executive Producer - Howard West
Co-Executive Producer - Bob Zmuda
Producer - Danny DeVito