Jellyfish Are Pretty

Jellyfish Are Pretty

By: Daniel Morris
PC Gamer

Jellyfish are pretty
They look like jelly
Except jelly that floats in the water
And jelly that has tentacles lined with stinger-sacs
Ouch! Not-nice stinger-sacs...

They drift like little killer hate-buoys
On the surface of the pretty ocean
Mmm.....pretty ocean
I'm not sure how they taste in sandwiches
And maybe you're not supposed to eat them at all
Ouch! Painfully non-tasty...

Pretty, pretty jellyfish hate-buoy
Floating on the ocean blue
How I both love and hate you.

Ed. Note: I have my own rendition, which will be put upon the release of the jellyfish shrine. Don't ask, I was tired. Daniel Morris wrote this shortly before press time for the June '00 issue of PC Gamer. Thank you Dan for your inspiration.