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It seems that every time I fix something, another problem comes up. I'm very angry with my website host When I completed my move last week, I left my site alone for a few days. On Sunday, when I planned to make a small update, low and behold but Tripod had deleted my account for all of my images. This put me a quite a disadvantage because I had to move all my files BACK to Apparently, the photos I displayed in my bonus car gallery from were considered pornographic and they took my account down. I feel that this is rather brash and unfair to do so without even sending me an warning much less a reply to my angered rant I wrote to them on Monday. It's now Friday and I haven't heard back from Tripod's staff. So, this has thrown another kink in my system and...big big update this week. In other news, I've decided to re-evaluate the movie reviews. No longer will I review every movie I see in theatres, but only the majority of them as well as movie rentals. Also, go download the Oni demo now! This game r0x0rs! Pick it up at FilePlanet.

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"Those who dance are considered insane by those who can't hear the music." -- George Carlin

Belldandy & Keiichi from Oh! My Goddess

Here's to all the lovebirds out there ^_^
Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Hope you spend your day with that somebody!

Top Ten Songs

Updated 3.12.01

*BONUS* The Dead Alewives - Dungeons & Dragons 1 & 2
10. Matchbox 20 - If You're Gone (New)
9. Darude - Sandstorm (9,3)
8. Rika Muranaka - The Best is Yet to Come (8,8)
7. Lenny Kravitz - Again (New)
6. Maria Naylor - Naked and Sacred (6,4)
5. ATB - 9 PM [Until I Come] (5,4)
4. A7 - Piece of Heaven (4,6)
3. Deliquent Habits - Return of the Tres (3,5)
2. Power of Seven - Konoko (New)
1. Limp Bizkit - The Fast and The Furious (1,2)

Birthdays for January & February

Ryan - January 6, 1983
Dani - January 26, 1984
Fria - January 31, 1983
Matt - February 6, 1984
Lauren - February 12, 1983

Music Hall of Fame

Anime Character - Sakuya Kumashiro
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