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Dude, Where's My Car?
Dude, Where's My Car?

Reviewed By: Slacker~DNA~

Does anybody remember that movie from a few years back called Half-Baked? You know, the one about all the pot heads who have to break a friend out of prison by selling weed and end up arresting the leading drug dealer? Yeah, it was pretty bad. This film was a lot like it, except that the main characters, Chester and Jesse, lacked even less intelligence than Jim Breuer's character in Half-Baked.

First off, the entire premise is pretty mindless. Chester and Jesse wake up one morning to after a night of being entirely wasted. Today is their anniversary with their girlfriends, Wanda and Wilma, The Twins. They leave their house only to find out that Jesse's car is gone. This sets them on a course to search for his little Renault hatchback.

As the day progresses, the two slowly learn what they did the night before. The people they meet include a muscle head bent on stoner bashing, the hottest girl in the town, all the members of a strip club, a transexual stripper, her boyfriend, a ostrich collector, an ostrich poacher, a nearly blind police officer and a Chinese taylor. Not to mention space nerds, 2 Nordic dudes & 5 hot chicks with big breasts all searching for the Continuum Transfunctioner (whose mystic is only rivaled by it's power).

Basically, the movie was bad. It was very funny and it did have many little foreshadows to the final confrontation. But it was down right crude and bad. If there hadn't had been a girl sitting right next to me I may not have been as insulted by the film. If you can call it a film. Go with a bunch of guys and by disturbed by a kissing contest between Fabio & his lady, and Jesse and Chester.

Scores for Dude, Where's My Car?

Slacker~DNA~ -- -- "Funny, disturbing, really badly made."
heatnjam -- -- "Eugh..."
Beeg Sexy -- -- "Shippy?"
Big Dog SG -- -- "That was great!"
Tasukikun -- -- "So bad it was good."

Jesse - Ashton Kutcher
Chester - Seann William Scott
Wanda - Jennifer Garner
Wilma - Marla Sokoloff
Christie Boner - Kristy Swanson
Nelson - David Herman
Musclehead - Ryan Christian
Zoltan - Hal Sparks
Jeff - Turtle Lini
Mr. Pizzacoli - John Toles-Bey
Hot Chick #1 - Mitzi Martin
Nordic Dude #1 - Christian Middlelthon
Nordic Dude #2 - David Bannick

Director - Danny Leiner
Writer - Philip Stark
Executive Producer - Gil Netter
Producer - Broderick Johnson
Producer - Andrew Kosove
Producer - Wayne Allan Rice
Co-Producer - Nancy Paloian
Music - David Kitay
Cinematography - Robert Stephens
Film Editing - Kimberly Ray