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Double Take

Double Take

Reviewed By: Slacker~DNA~

I guess to some it's a complete nightmare. To me, I don't think it a possibility at all. Becoming accused of a crime you did not commit and being forced to flee for your life. In fact, there was a Canadian movie that was reviewed that was remarkably similar. Although not nearly as "slapstick" as The Wrong Guy, Double Take has it's moments. And they can be very good.

Orlando Jones (The Replacements), you know, that witty 7up spokesman, stars in this film alongside funny man Eddie Griffin (TV's Malcolm & Eddie). Jones plays Daryl Chase, a big executive at a New York City bank. Chase stumbles upon a 106,000 dollar transfer from a Mexican cola company and brings it up with his superior Edward Herrman, played by Charles Allsworth. From this point, his life seems to go downhill. He and his girlfriend, supermodel Chloe, played by Garcelle Beauvais, are attacked and saved by CIA agents McCready and Martinez. He wakes the next day to find out that his secretary Shari has been murdered and he is being hunted by members of a drug cartell.

Everywhere Chase goes he seems to run into one person. Freddy Tiffany (Eddie Griffin). Freddy Tiffany, was internationally known for being a streetwise trouble maker and the last thing Chase needed was a flamboyant punk blowing his cover. Yet, he agrees to switch clothes and identities with Tiffany in order to get himself to Mexico. Repeatedly, Chase gets rid of Tiffany, only to run into again and again. What was with this Tiffany guy?

This movie is very funny. I especially enjoy the dance off Jones & Griffin get into. It goes to the tune of Return of the Tres by Delinquent Habits. It's a hip-hop song with a mariachi band playing in the background, very catchy and enjoyable. Both are very good dancers and it rubs off the entire movie. The entire movie is just that, two complete strangers, one a business man & the other a streetwalker becoming friends. A dance.

Scores for Double Take

Slacker~DNA~ -- -- "Quirky story that keeps you on your feet. Not bad."
Feather7177 -- -- "If I didn't have a sore throat, I would've laughed."

*Pending reviews from Kay-Z & KewlKat*

Daryl Chase - Orlando Jones
Freddy Tiffany - Eddie Griffin
Timothy McCready - Gary Grubbs
Maque Sanchez - Andrea Navedo
Chloe - Garcelle Beauvais
Edward Herrmann - Charles Allsworth
Agent Norville - Daniel Roebuck
Agent Gradney - Sterling Macer Jr.
Agent Martinez - Benny Nieves
Shawn Elliot - Thomas Chela/Minty Gutierrez
Junior Barnes - Brent Brisco
Shari - Vivica A. Fox
Delores - Willow

Director - George Gallo
Across the Bridge - Graham Greene
Across the Bridge Screenplay - Guy Elmes
Across the Bridge Screenplay - Denis Freeman
Screenplay - George Gallo
Producer - David Permut
Producer - Brett Ratner
Co-Producer - Steve Longi
Co-Producer - Frank Pesce
Executive Producer - Barry Bernardi
Executive Producer - Michael Rotenberg
Original Score - Graeme Revell
Cinematography - Theo van de Sande
Film Editing - Malcolm Cambell
Casting - Gail Goldberg
Casting - Donna Morong
Casting - Marcia Ross