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Reviewed By: RyoKazama534

If you've known me over the course of this past year, you'll know one of the things I've gotten obsessed about. I've said it before, I'll say it again, so here goes..."Kevin Smith is a f**king genius!"

So, if you're asking, "Who's Kevin Smith?", I might be forced to get up and kick your ass around for a while. Kevin Smith created extremely intelligent, no, creative movies. He has created a series of different comedies, all loosely related. In chronological order, by time in theatres, here they are: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy and finally Dogma. Each stands out seperately from the other, yet of course, each contains elements of comedy that belong only to Kevin Smith.

His satiristic attitude on untouchable subjects, body orifices and comic books put his comedy at top notch. No topic has been safe. Be it Catholicism, lesbians or wheter or not the Cookie Stand is considered part of the food court.

But I'm straying away from the topic. This is beginning to sound like my "Ode to Kevin Smith", or something to that effect. Dogma, was originally Kevin Smith's first work, but he shelved it to be filmed when he had a larger budget for special effects. He got that budget following his other three films. Dogma follows the tradition of choosing a topic and finding every possible way to make fun of it. This film was a bit more aimed than his previous movies, it took on a much more politically correct attitude. It picks apart at Catholicism, racism, abortion clinics, sinners and of course, what is God?

Many recognizable faces can be seen in this movie. Among those are a few that have been in Smith's works before. Jason Lee (Mallrats & Chasing Amy) and Ben Affleck (Mallrats & Chasing Amy) both return. It also includes Matt Damon, Chris Rock, Alan Rickman, Salma Hayek, Linda Fiorentino and Alanis Morissette.

But what is a Kevin Smith film without our two favorite trouble-making idiots, Jay and Silent Bob? In Dogma, their role is much more significant than the Easter Bunny bashing terrorists from Mallrats. Jay (Jason Mewes) is annoying as ever and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) kicks even more ass than he did before. Hell (No pun intended), he kills a demon. Not to mention he has two lines instead of just one.

So what am I getting at here? This movie is just funny. If you're religious, it's funny because it makes sense. If you're not, it's just flat out funny. Kevin Smith is a f**king genius.

Scores for Dogma

RyoKazama534 -- -- "My sense of Christianity is renewed!"
Moloch! -- -- "I like the platypus."
JenT99 -- -- "Don't make have to explain Purgatory..."
Ravnos -- -- "Of course! It's Kevin Smith!"
Thorazine8 -- -- "Better than Clerks"
Enthilza -- -- "Catholicism WOW!?"


Bartleby - Ben Affleck
Loki - Matt Damon
Bethany Sloane - Linda Fiorentino
Rufus, The 13th Apostle - Chris Rock
Metatron - Alan Rickman
Serendipity - Salma Hayek
Azrael - Jason Lee
Jay - Jason Mewes
Silent Bob - Kevin Smith
God - Alanis Morissette
Cardinal Glick - George Carlin
John Doe Jersey - Bud Cort


Director - Kevin Smith
Writer - Kevin Smith
Producer - Scott Mosier
Co-Producer - Laura Greenlee