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Big Daddy

Reviewed by RyoKazama534

Adam Sandler. He is one of the most successful comedians on the silver screen. For the '90s anyway. With the hits of Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, The Wedding Singer and Billy Madison under his belt, he hasn't wavered at all from his success. Big Daddy, was no different.

I had my doubts about this film at first and I wasn't really interested in seeing it. It struck me as crude and tasteless, about a screwed up bachelor and a screwed up kid, thrown together in a screwed up life. The movie itself wasn't far off from that, at all. But the movie was a lot deeper than that, it had many emotional moments as well as hilarious.

Adam Sandler plays Sonny Koufax, a bachelor in his mid 20's who is known only as a slacker. He is a law school graduate, but has been living off the money he collected following an auto accident court issue. His roommate Kevin Gerrity, played by Jon Stewart (The Daily Show), is Koufax's roommate from college. Before leaving for Japan on a firm trip, Julian, shows up on their apartment door when Koufax was around. Julian happens to be a kid that Gerrity concieved when he was up in Toronto and Julian's mother recently passed away and was sent to Gerrity to meet his father. Koufax decides to hold on to Julian acting as Gerrity since Gerrity is in the Orient. This eventually leads into another court order, with Koufax as the criminal for posing as Kevin Gerrity.

On the side, Sandler is constantly making passes at Gerrity's fiancee's sister Layla. Layla is played by Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy) and is another attourney in this movie. Gerrity's fiancee Corinne is played by Leslie Mann (George of the Jungle) and is an ex-Hooters girl and currently a doctor. There is a never ending reference towards Hooters Bar & Grill, Corinne's former job, it's where Gerrity met the mother of Julian and even a small, no a big reference to it in the end.

The character of Julian is where this movie is at it's best. Julian is played by the twin actors Cole & Dylan Sprouse (Grace Under Fire). He is a troublesome boy who loves to eat ketchup, has a bladder problem, enjoys seeing people get hurt, loves the Kangaroo Song and learns from and loves Sonny Koufax. Imagine getting Adam Sandler, and a whiny picky child together with a bladder problem. His character is so cute its and twisted you love him either way.

There are a host of other characters including a gay pair of lawyers who were roommates in law school, a lawyer who is straight but is always around the gay lawyers (you'll recognize him as the cross-eyed linebacker from Waterboy), Rob Schineder (Judge Dredd) plays an illegal alien delivery man who is constantly tortured by Julian, and takes English lessons with Julian. Steve Buschemi (Armageddon) also makes a few appearances as a street bum whose only goal is to get an Egg McMuffin.

The story is very touching at the end and you can get a mixed feel of emotions. The comedy is great, the dramatic moments even better and this is a movie that'll leave you feeling good about yourself. I didn't expect to see it, but I'm glad I did.

Scores for Big Daddy

RyoKazama534 -- -- "Touching, funny and an excellent movie."
JenT99 -- -- "He was so cute! Kangaroo Song!"