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AshitakaName: Ashitaka
Series: Mononoke Hime
Age: 20s
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Location: Northern Japan
Occupation: Hunter, Emishi Prince
Equipment: Cloak, Short Sword, Obsidian Dagger, Long Bow & Quiver of Arrows
Allies: San, Yakkuru, Moro no Kimi, Moro no Ko, Eboshi Gozen, Kaya, Toki, Shishigami, Gonza, Okkotonushi, Hii-sama, Kodoma
Enemies: Tatarigami, Jiko Bou, Eboshi Gozen

Ashitaka is a young man from the Emishi clan of Japan. He is a skilled hunter and warrior. His clan was forced to hide following their fall to the Yamato Regime (Emperor's government). As heir to lead the village, it was his responsibility to protect the village from all who opposed it. One such thing was a Tatarigami (curse god). Ashitaka successfully vanquished the demon saving his village. Unfortunately, a curse was placed on him, a curse of death. Hii-sama, a village elder, instructed Ashitaka to head west in search of a cure for his curse. When he leaves his village, his fiancee, Kaya, gives him an obsidian dagger; a symbol of forever love.

Ashitaka & Yakkuru Accompanying Ashitaka throughout all his travels is his mount, a akashishi (red deer) named Yakkuru. Yakkuru is extremely fast, strong and agile. He is well devoted to Ashitaka and stays with his master when his own life is in danger.

While being guided through the forest by the Kodoma (spirits of the trees), Ashitaka runs into San, the Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke). San was an abandoned child and raised by the wolf god, Moro no Kimi as one of her own. She holds humans in hatred and speaks with her actions, not her words.

Ashitaka soon wanders into a large iron making camp. The head of the camp, Eboshi Gozen is a very powerful woman. She takes in ladies that were to be sold as prostitutes and has them work at her factory honestly. She also took in a group of lepers, geniuses that created the cannons her band of mercenaries is outfitted with. However, to run her factory, she needs to cut down trees for supplies, fuel and space. Lady Eboshi and the Mononoke Hime are in the midst of a great battle over the forest.

Ashitaka & SanOne night, San decided to launch a solo attack against Eboshi. The duel was broken up by Ashitaka and he took San back to the forest fearing her death. In the fray he is shot by Toki as he leaves. San takes Yakkuru and Ashitaka to the Shishigami (forest god). The Shishigami would either save Ashitaka's life or take it from him. The god spares Ashitaka and he thus earns San's trust. The two become extremely close and eventually fall for one another, despite San's hatred of humans. Upon Ashitaka's departure, he gives San Kaya's obsidian dagger.

With the assistance of Jiko Bou, a mercenary with dreams filled with greed, Eboshi hatches a plan to kill the Shishigami. With this, a great war breaks out between Eboshi and the Mononoke Hime. The battle included Gozen's mercenaries, Jiko Bou, Moro no ko (wolf children), Okkotonushi (boar god) and his children, Eboshi and San.

Ashitaka is caught in the middle, he holds both women high in his respect, Eboshi as a responsible leader, San as a powerful warrior whom has his affection. He is forced to play mediator in the battle over the forest.